Business Development Professional

Are you a Tribe Builder, Connector and a Maven?

Tribe Builder-a person that can expand their network exponentially and grow their influence

Connector-a person that will help others with connections and referrals

Maven-a person of knowledge and a source of information for others. Trusted Adviser.

Step 1

Become a Level 3 Tribe Builder

Step 2

Receive weekly leadership, mentorship, training & support

Step 3

Expand your tribe and influence exponentially

Step 4

Generate more clients for your current business or career +++

Earn an additional recurring BDP income stream

Commission Plan

Expand the WEVO tribe by enrolling Level 2, 3 & 4 members

1-149 members enrolled-20% recurring commissions paid monthly

150-299 members enrolled-Additional 5% Tribe Builder Bonus

300+ members enrolled-Additional 5% Leadership Bonus

WEVO membership aims to deliver 4 important aspects of personal and professional development-Training, mastermind, collaboration and group marketing. Our primary objective is to provide these 4 with excellence to our membership. The BIZ DEV PRO opportunity is for Level 3 members that will participate in specific training and mentorship so they can be empowered to effectively build tribe and be a benefit to others. BDP's can earn 20%+ affiliate commissions. All other members can earn a flat 10% affiliate commission. Bonuses are available to BDP's only. Commissions are strictly affiliate and not multi-level. WEVO GLobal, Inc. does not guarantee individual success from the opportunity, training or and support materials. Success depends upon individual effort, ability and market opportunity.